New Safety First Lifeguard Program - Boardwalk Beach Hotel & Convention Center

Our Lifeguard Program begins in April. For more info click here.


Published: March 9, 2023 in Updates

New Safety First Lifeguard Program

Boardwalk Beach Hotel is proud to be the first property in the area to partner with the Panama City Beach government to add lifeguard services to our beach. Weather permitting, lifeguards will be on duty from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m Times are Subject to Change. Notice of lifeguards on duty will be updated daily onsite. 

Lifeguards do not eliminate the need for caution. Please be aware that water conditions in the Gulf of Mexico can change at any time. We advise all our guests to use their best judgment when deciding to venture out into the water and how far.

In Panama City Beach, color-coded beach flags are in place to keep the public aware of sea conditions. Remember, double red means staying out of the water – you could be arrested for ignoring this warning! So stay aware, and have fun on our gorgeous Florida beaches!

Flag System: Please always obey the laws and flag systems at all times. Safety should be your top priority when swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Double Red- Danger! Water is Closed to the Public

Single Red-High Hazard, High Surf, and/or Strong Currents

Yellow-Medium Hazard, Moderate Surf and Currents

Green-Low Hazard, Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution

Purple-Dangerous Marine Life (Usually Jellyfish)

*Absence of Beach Flags Does Not Assure Safe Waters.

For more info about the flag system and lifeguards provided by Panama City Beach click here